World's Largest Tractor Weather Vane

WeathervaneThe world's largest weather vane was erected in the fall of 2006 just outside the Canadian Tractor Museum, which is located in Westlock, Alberta, Canada. It works, too!

The structure is more than 60 feet tall and has a real 1942 Case Model D tractor with scalloped steel wheels sitting at the top. It's attached to a 55-ft.-long pointer, and framework that includes a large ball bearing. The "feather" at the back end is 8 feet high and turns easily in the slightest breeze. The tractor points in the direction of the wind and the weather vane's directional pointers have magnetic north orientation.

Individuals and local businesses volunteered their time and expenses to building the attraction. The highly visible landmark compliments the museum itself as a tourist attraction, and the project took some sophisticated abilities and engineering to complete. From start to finish, the undertaking took a couple of years.

The tractor museum opened in 2004 and houses about 75 fully restored vintage tractors at any one time. These items are rotated on a yearly basis from a store of more than 200 units. This includes a couple of steam engines, a 1906 Sawyer Massey (static display), and a functional 1916 Rumely.

The museum is open the long weekend in May until the September long weekend, and any other time by appointment. Stop in and see the displays of unusual, rare and just plain interesting vintage tractors. [Janis Schole, 12/21/2006]