Cab Restoration
Is your tractor cab starting to look a little tired, are sound levels getting to high and it's making farming that much harder. Here at Westlock Tractor Parts we carry a wide range of aftermarket parts to get your tractor cab looking new again. Whether it's for your own comfort or to get the best resale dollar out of you tractor that you can. Pick from the meny above for more information on the products we carry. Contact Us today and we will be glad to help.
Stop for a minute and consider just how long you spend sitting in your equipment each year.
Lack of good lumbar support can cause unnecessary and painful backache which could lead to many other problems if left unchecked.
Our high quality seats help alleviate pressures and vibrations which can impede blood circulation, and cause muscle fatigue.
So, if you don't think your back is worth the investment, contact us, we think we can convince you otherwise.
We carry a wide range of seats from High Quality seats with air suspension, Economy seats for light industrial units and even Make and Model specific seats to match the original seat that came with the tractor. In addition to seats we also carry replacement seat parts including arm rests, suspensions and individual replacement cushions.

Have you ever noticed how your hearing is affected by the constant howl of the engine, hydraulics, and other tractor functions?
It's a proven fact that prolonged exposure to tractor noise can result in permanent hearing loss. A U.S. Health Service Study found that farmers show a higher incidence of hearing loss than people in other professions.
A farmer working inside a sound-insulated tractor cab is exposed to about 85 decibels. At this level, there is little threat of hearing damage for most people.
In older, uninsulated tractors, the noise level could exceed 100 decibels, and cause hearing loss in less than eight hours of exposure!
If your old, acoustical insulation is gone, sound waves keep bouncing from wall to wall because the foam no longer absorbs them.
By replacing your acoustical cab lining, you will lower the high pitched frequencies of tractor noises that can cause permanent damage to your hearing. In older tractors, even if the vinyl is still on the walls, after 10-15 years, dirt and debris will harden and deteriorate the foam behind the vinyl and much of the sound-guard quality is lost.
We offer custom, CNC cut, hand sewn, quality interior kits with all required sewing, laminating, contouring and forming already done. Installation is a breeze.  In original colours, our kits are a must for attaining the best sound insulation qualities by offering the highest quality insulating foam for maximum sound deadening. We produce pre-cut interior kits to quiet the cab and restore the original insulation qualities, sound suppression and comfort levels. This is necessary for maintaining tractors of today - it not only makes them cleaner and safer vehicles, but also adds to their resale value, which, in turn, enhances resale value. The cab kits make the job of reapplying the new insulation much easier for you by finishing all the necessary sewing, laminating, contouring and forming to ensure easier installation. We take special care to make sure the product satisfies customers with quality custom fit and original colour and finished appearance.
Has the mirror once again been torn off the side of your cab and now you are stuck straining your neck to see whats behind you. We can help. We have a large selection of mirrors in stock to get you farming in comfort. Contact Us today.
Have you ever noticed how your hearing is affected by the constant howl of the engine, hydraulics, and other tractor functions? Have you wanted to stop that noise from coming in to your cab at the source with a new floor mat, but didn't want to spend the money on a new one? We have a cost effective aftermarket solution for you.
We offer quality, CNC cut floor mats, cut exactly to the dimenions of your tractor. Just drop it in an you are ready to go, it's as easy as that.
If you are tackling a special project, we also carry bulk floor matting that you cut yourself to fit the application that you are working on.
Are you tired of getting hit by that dangling headliner or are you just wanting to fix up your tractor a bit to get the most resale value out of your tractor when you sell it and want to fix it up a bit. In either case no amount of glue is going to make that old stretched and rotten headliner stick to the roof again.
We have a large selection of headliners premolded for an exact fit in your tractor, contact us today.